Roller and Sleeves Offer

Roller and Sleeves Offer

SKU: rol/bun/offer

Price includes:

1 x  MAXIMIZE-R™9" Polyamide Roller*Size: 9" (23cm).*Cover Fabric: Polyamide.*Nap: 1/2inch (12mm).*Core DIA: 48mm.*Rod: 8mm Dia.*Handle: Soft Rubber Grip(PP+TPE).

1 x All-ROUNDER™European Style RollerCover*Size: 9" (23cm).*Fabric: Acrylic.*Nap: 1/2inch (12mm).*Core DIA: 48mm.*For 8mm Single Wire RollerFrame.

1 x HI-SHEEN™European Style RollerCover*Size: 9" (23cm).*Fabric:Velour.*Nap:3/16inch (5mm).*Core DIA: 48mm.*High Density Synthetic FiberRoller Cover.

1 x SUPER-MICRO™Microfiber RollerCover*Size: 9"(23cm).*Nap:9.5mm.*Core DIA: 48mm.*Smooth To Semi-SmoothSurfaces.