Go! Paint Clean and Go Brush Cleaning System

Go! Paint Clean and Go Brush Cleaning System

SKU: 334GO

Clean and Go System 


 Brush clean within half a minute

Deep cleaning

Filter separates paint residues

For waterbased and solvent based paints


Brush is cleaned faster

Fewer brushes thrown away

The brush has the time to “wear in” and adapt to your technique

Cleaning fluid lasts longer



Cleaning brushes takes a lot of time. Sometimes so much that it is cheaper to throw away your brush and use a new one next time – unless you use the Clean and Go.

It consists of a filter bag with a fine metal filter. You fill the product with Go!Paint Brush Cleaner or water and flex the brush firmly over the grid for around 20 seconds.

This cleans faster and deeper. The paint particles are collected in the bag under the sieve, which means you can keep using the cleaning fluid for longer. You save money, time and the environment.

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