Go!Paint Brush Cleaner 1Ltr

Go!Paint Brush Cleaner 1Ltr


Go! Paint Brush Cleaner


Recommended Dilution Rates:

Water Based- 8:1 (8 Parts Water : 1 Part Brush Cleaner)

Oil Based- Neat

Key Features:

• Cleans brush bristles

• For acrylic and alkyd paints and varnishes

• Environmentally-friendly formula

• Use up to seven times more than turpentine

Key Benefits:

• Brush bristles clean and supple quickly

• Complete system

• Environmentally friendly

• Saves money


Brush Cleaner is the most effective liquid for cleaning your brushes – even if you work with the latest generation of fast-drying water-based paint systems. The cleaning is deeper and more thorough than with water and – unlike water – it will not start to smell.

 Brush Cleaner is also an environmentally-friendly alternative to cleaning with turpentine when working with alkyd paints.

In addition: you can clean only once with turpentine, while Brush Cleaner allows you to clean your brush up to seven times. You therefore also save money. For best results, use Brush Cleaner in conjunction with the Clean and Go. Briefly rinse or squeeze the brush after use.

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