20PC Painting Kit

20PC Painting Kit

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Pretty much everything you need to paint your room! (Minus the Paint)

*1pc paint bucket
*1pc handy paint cup
*1pc 9"roller frame(8mm dia)
*2pc 9"high density synthetic fiber
roller cover -5mm nap
*2pc 9"acrylic roller cover- 12mm nap
*1pc 4"mini roller frame
*2pc 4"high density synthetic fiber
roller cover -5mm nap
*3pc 4"acrylic roller cover- 12mm nap
*1pc 50mm synthetic paint brush
*1pc 24mm*50m masking tape
*1pc 3" multifunctional painter's tool
*1pc metal grid
*2pc 9'x12' drop cloth

*1pc paint mixer
*Sealed Design Can Keep The Paint
From Drying For 48 Hours
*Big Size Paint Bucket
*Material: PP



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