ELIE SAAB is proud to announce a long-term License Contract with Zambaiti Parati, the Italian company that has been creating for more than 50 years high-quality wallpaper collections.

This collaboration reinforces the global vision of the ELIE SAAB Maison and Haute Interiors developments establishing a partnership that will further expand the Home and Hospitality business.

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Stemming from the designer’s desire to work on creating an interior atmosphere of luxury, the furniture dialogue of Corporate Brand Maison integrated with Zambaiti Parati wallcoverings take you into a home journey proposing a total look concept reflecting elegance and uniqueness.

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The creative team of Zambaiti Parati has worked under the artistic direction of Elie Saab on the design of

the drawing inspired by the brand’s Haute Couture creations using exclusive materials

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The collection is rich in colors and shades; the ‘chiaroscuro’ effect is used to add a realistic sensation. From geometries of a classical setting to oriental scenarios, from decorative concepts inspired by trees and flowers up to the timeless language of marble and stone, everything passes through the technical skills and the ability of Zambaiti Parati’s highest craftsmanship offering unique quality and uncompromised creativity.


The first collection will be launched in September and sold worldwide.





Zambaiti Parati is an Italian family-owned company founded in 1973 in Albino/Bergamo and specializing in the production of wallpaper. A technological preminence and the capability to create innovation as a factor of success allowed Zambaiti Parati to gain international reputation and to boast licenses and collaborations with relevant brands on the fashion and automotive market.

The constant dialogue with architects and interior designers and the approach to the contract sector through a wide range of customized offering are part of the company’s dynamic path to quality collections addressing the high-end of the market. Zambaiti Parati runs a creative department for the R&D of new products where skilled people with experience in furniture and design are team up with young creatives with high growth potential to contribute moving the company forward.





Elie Saab founded his eponymous label in 1982, at just 18 years old. Since then, the ELIE SAAB house has been established as one of the major leaders in the HAUTE COUTURE category globally, with ateliers based in Paris and Beirut. ELIE SAAB has continued to build on the inherent savoir-faire and innate elegance for which it is renowned, expanding into the Ready-to-Wear, Bridal, Accessories, Eyewear and Fragrance categories. Along with the brand’s most recent ventures into ELIE SAAB Junior, a line of Kids Wear and Accessories, and ELIE SAAB Maison, a home and interiors line, ELIE SAAB joins the premiere league of the world’s global luxury fashion & lifestyle brands.

Elie Saab

Paste the Wall Vinyl

Price Code A                    64803, 64806, 64809

                                                 64812, 64815                                                                   £139.99

                                    64818-19, 64820-30, 64841-52

Price Code B             64801-02, 64804-05, 64807-08

                                             64810-11, 64813-14

                                             64816-17,64831-40                                                              £169.99

1.06m Wide x 10m - Double Wide Roll

Please note, this is a designer collection, the signature of 'Elie Saab' appears discreetly on the design


We keep the popular designs in stock but due to the size and complexity of the collection some wall coverings are available from Italy in around 14 days.


Use a suitable adhesive for paste the wall vinyls


A nominal carriage may apply to your order, please ask

Elie Saab Digital Panels

Z6476-77                                         1 Piece                      3.15m x 1.06m                        £  429.99

Z6478 -79                                        2 Pieces                    3.15m x 1.06m                        £  805.99

Z6480-84, Z6490, , Z6493-96         3 Pieces                    3.15m x 1.06m                        £1285.99

Z6470-75, Z6487-89, Z64859

Z64861, Z64863, Z64865

Z64867, Z64869,Z64884-889          1 Piece                     3.15m x 1.06m                        £  289.99

Z64890-899                                     2 Piece                     3.15m x 1.06m                        £  485.99

Z64855-858, Z64860, Z64862

Z64864, Z64866, Z64868

Z64870-71, Z64873-883                 3 Pieces                    3.15m x 1.06m                         £ 749.99


All materials must be checked carefully for shade and faults before hanging. If the results are not satisfactory after the first three lengths have been hung, then lease stop hanging and contact your supplier as no responsibility or re-hanging charges can be accepted after this stage. In the event of faults, samples must be returned clearly showing the defect and a label for each roll claimed, it will not be possible to credit if all labels are not returned.